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2021 Beach Nourishment Apportionment Model

Many residents of Captiva are anticipating the final apportionment assessment as the 2021 beach nourishment project has concluded.


There are a few steps that must be completed before a final apportionment can be calculated. The first step that we must take is to tally the total cost of the beach nourishment project, including construction, engineering, planting, and dune fencing. 


Next, all grants must be reconciled so that we can accurately reflect and reduce the total cost share to the Captiva property owners. 


Finally, we must ensure that the most up to date just property values are utilized from the property appraiser’s office. 


Once we have an accurate total cost share and valuation of Captiva properties, the Captiva Erosion Prevention District will host a series of workshops to adequately explain and address any issues within the apportionment model prior to a final apportionment hearing.


We estimate the apportionment workshops to occur over the summer months, with an anticipated final apportionment hearing targeted in mid to late September.



This application is a working geographic view of the tentative apportionment model under consideration by the CEPD. This application is designed as a visual aide in the apportionment process for the upcoming beach nourishment project. This is NOT the authoritative assessment roll.

The map of the apportionment model is searchable by address or STRAP number.

To view individual property data, click on the desired property and all values will be displayed in a pop-up. In an instance where multiple parcels are selected, click the arrow on the pop-up to navigate to the intended selection.  The legend can be viewed by clicking the ">>" button in the top left corner of the map.  Zoom in and out by clicking the "+" and "-" buttons under the legend view.  Click "View Larger Map" at the bottom of the page to open the application in a new tab. 

To view staff presentation on the Apportionment Model, please open the .pdf link below.