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2021 Beach Nourishment Project

2021 Beach Nourishment Documentary

Dune Fencing

In an effort to protect the freshly planted dune vegetation, dune fencing installation is anticipated to begin during the first week of March. The installation consists of approximately 6,696 total linear feet of fence along 93 dune paths by our established subcontractor, Earth Balance, and as specified by Aptim/CEPD. Each path would be ~20 feet in length with a longshore length of ~16 feet on each side. 

Dune Plantings

The beach nourishment project included 350,000 dune plantings that will cover the entirety of the enhanced dune, as well as fill in vacant areas of the existing dune. It is vital to the survival rate of the fresh plantings that beach goers are mindful of their presence and remain off of the freshly planted dunes. 

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Newly Planted Sea Oats