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Resolution 2023.01 EX.pdf

     Local Government Funding Request

Resolution 2023.02 EX.pdf

     Vulnerability Analysis

Resolution 2023.03 EX.pdf

     Coastal Armoring Interlocal Agreement

Resolution 2023.04 EX.pdf

     Resiliency Professional Contract Proposal

Resolution 2023.05 EX.pdf

     Annual Monitoring Proposal

Resolution 2023.06 EX.pdf

     Banking Transfer

Resolution 2023.07 EX.pdf

     Executive Director Performance Review and Salary Increase

Resolution 2023.08 EX.pdf

     Rules of Procedure

Resolution 2023.09 EX.pdf

     Standard Operating Procedures

Resolution 2023.10 EX.pdf

     Ratifying Decisions Made Virtually

Resolution 2023.11 EX.pdf

     Tentative Millage Rate 23-24

Resolution 2023.12 EX.pdf

     Tentative Budget 23-24

Resolution 2023.13 EX.pdf

     Final Millage Rate 23-24

Resolution 2023.14 EX.pdf

     Final Budget 23-24

Resolution 2023.15 EX.pdf

     Bayside Adaptation Plan Bid Selection