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Become a CEPD Commissioner

Why Become a Commissioner of the Captiva Erosion Prevention District?

·       Because you are community-oriented

·       Because you care about preserving and sustaining the environment

·       Because you recognize the benefits beach renourishment brings to both the community and your property

·       Because you want to make sure Captiva is a viable and thriving community well into the future 

How to Become a Commissioner?


You must be a registered Captiva voter residing within the District.

You are elected by the qualified electors residing within the District.

Positions come up for election every two years.


If a vacancy occurs on the Board due to the resignation, death, or removal of a Board member, the remaining members may appoint a qualified person to fill out the remainder of the unexpired term.

What is Expected of a Commissioner? 

·       Attendance at all monthly Board meetings.

·       Attendance at the weekly briefing meeting if possible.  (These are often cancelled and are not mandatory.)

·       Vote on every motion in which there is no personal interest.

·       Request items be placed on the meeting agenda, introduce motions and resolutions, and discuss subjects.

·       Attend CEPD public hearings, emergency meetings, and special meetings.

·       Any commissioner can serve as an officer (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer) if and when elected by the other commissioners. 

  • Commissioners serve a four-year term.
  • Commissioners receive no compensation.

Please, fill out the application form below and provide a resume/c. vitae via email to if you are interested in becoming a CEPD Commissioner.


Election Resources for Candidates are provided by the Lee County Supervisor of Elections and can be found here: