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Bayside Adaptation

Introducing the Captiva Bayside Adaptation Plan

The Captiva Erosion Prevention District is developing a plan to support erosion control along the bayside shorelines of Captiva. The Captiva Bayside Adaptation Plan will be a proactive strategy designed to identify and implement nature-based solutions, infrastructure projects, and policy measures to adapt to and mitigate the impacts of erosion caused by recurrent flooding. The plan intends to protect homes, natural habitats, and community assets while promoting long-term resilience and sustainability.

Public engagement is a fundamental aspect of the Captiva Bayside Adaptation Plan, and the input and perspectives of Captiva’s residents is essential to developing a feasible plan. To kick off this process, residents and stakeholders are invited to participate in a survey to share experiences, concerns, and ideas related to flooding on Captiva Island's bayside. Feedback will inform the development of the adaptation plan and help shape future initiatives to address vulnerabilities in our community. This survey will be open throughout the project in 2024.

Together, we can work towards a resilient future for Captiva Island's bayside. Stay tuned for updates and opportunities to get involved in this important initiative!

Please participate in the discussion by completing the Resident Engagement Survey: