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CEPD Services

The CEPD Board of Commissioners powers include but are not limited to the following:

  • Develop and execute a logical and suitable program for comprehensive beach and shore preservation.
  • Construct, reconstruct, or improve erosion prevention projects in and for the District.
  • Borrow funds.
  • Exercise the power of eminent domain.
  • Exercise jurisdiction, control, and supervision over the construction of any erosion prevention project within the District and to make and enforce such rules and regulations for the maintenance and operation of any such projects.
  • Restrain, enjoin, or otherwise prevent any person, firm, or corporation, public or private, from establishing or constructing any erosion prevention project within the District without the prior written approval of the District Board.
  • Contract for services of engineers, attorney, accountants, financial or other consultants, and such other agents and employees as the District Board may require.
  • Enter upon private property for purposes of making surveys, soundings, drillings, and examinations.
  • Levy and assess an ad valorem tax to pay for maintenance, operation, and corporate purposes.
  • Levy special assessments upon benefitted property for the construction or reconstruction of an erosion prevention project.